[Flashing] RED before renewal date




Mistakenly I removed the previous post... That I pasted some parts

Actually Jacob helped me on highlighting the renewal date with 10 days
window with a conditional formula and I incorporated that to highlight
the crossed out dates by conditioning the cell with
"=OR(F1<=TODAY(),F1<TODAY())" with Patterning YELLOW.

As I formatted the entire column the cells that was blank also turn

Any help....

The below is an eg from the data
Coolum no Heading Data
C Vehicle License Plate Number TN 07 S 0003
D Vehicle Type Sumo
E Vehicle Year 2008
F Insurance renewal date 31-03-2010
In that we have a renewal date in one column I wanna assign some
automated indication(i.e.with some formulas in condition formatting)
to alert us priory on renewal date...
mentioned in the formula is the active cell in the selection. Active
will have a white background even after selection
2. From menu Format>Conditional Formatting>
3. For Condition1>Select 'Formula Is' and enter the below formula
4. Click Format Button>Pattern and select your color (say Red)
5. Hit OK
PS: If you are using XL2007 Goto Home tab>Styles>Conditional
Formatting>Manage rules>New rule>Use a formula to determine which
cells to
format. Enter the formula in the box below.
Adjust the 10 to suit...The current formula will highlight dates which
due in 10 days




A slight addition in the above formula
Place the cursor in A1 cell and apply the conditional formatting formula,
Active cell should be F1. (Active cell will have a white Background after
selection also)

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