Computers not showing up in Network Neighborhood



I have a Windows 2000 domain with AD. I'm running WINS and
DNS. A few days a go I noticed that none of the computers
in one of our remote office is showing up in "Network
Neighborhood" anymore. The office is connected through a
WAN link and they have their own DC. I can't find the
cause of this, does anyone know what might be causing
this. Thanks,

Steven L Umbach

Maybe the link was down for a while - try pinging it. Keep in mind that netbios
browsing such as Network Neighborhood is broadcast based and requires the use of wins
servers if multiple subnets are used to merge the browse lists. If you are using wins
on the remote office, check that the wins server/service is working right and
replicating with the other wins servers it is configured to do such. Another
possibility is that the remote master browser is mutilhomed which can cause problems
with maintaining the correct browse list. Usually you will find errors in Event
Viewer when that happens. Running nbtstat -n on a computer [which can be done
remotely with nbtstat -a/-A] will tell if a computer is a master browser as will
looking at the wins database - typically domain controllers. The links below may
help. --- Steve;EN-US;102878;EN-US;188305

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