combo box selection will not populate query correctly



I'm really stumped - I cannot get my combo box selection to populate my query
correctly. I have incentive plans listed in the combo box - I want the query
to run the plan that I select from the combo box. The Combo Box on my form
(FRM_Incentive_Plans) is called "cboplans" I want to choose a record in the
combo box and then have my query populate based on my selection. The
criteria I have in my query under the 'plan' field is
[Forms]![FRM_Incentive_Statements]![cboplans]. When I choose the plan in the
combo box, my macro runs the query, however it runs everything instead of the
'plan' that I have chosen. Any ideas?


Try [Forms]![FRM_Incentive_Statements]![cboplans].Column(0)
-- Dorian
"Give someone a fish and they eat for a day; teach someone to fish and they
eat for a lifetime".

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