filter query on combo box in a continuous subform

Sep 14, 2012
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hello. i have a similar question to a one that post in the forum but a little different :
I am using a modified 2007 Northwind database. I have added 2 Combo boxes to
the "Order Subform for Order Details" form - "Product Category" and "Supplier ID"
i tried to make it' that when i choose selection from the product category it will filter and shows only the product that belongs to the selected category' and also to make that option to the Supplier combo box to show only the Suppliers that provide the selection combo box of the product
the thing is that when I set the condition in the subfrom it ask me each time by the system massagebox to enter the parameter - Manually.
it's look like it does not recognize the parameter that selected in the previous combobox selection in "Order Subform for Order Details" continuous form.
I set the query conditions actually second combobox as in the picture i attached ..
what i need to change there so that it will run the query true subform ??


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