Cascading Combo in datasheet view



I have a form; "Orders", with a subform; "Orders Subform" that is displayed
in datsheet view. The orders form has the customer details, while the "Orders
Subform allows a user to input products that the customer has ordered.

I would like to create cascading combos that drill down the selection on the
"Orders Subform". The first combo would be "Supplier". The second combo is
"Category", the third combo would be "Product Name". When a user selects the
"Supplier" combo, it drills down the second combo "Category" to only those
that are apllicable to that supplier. Upon selecting a Category, only those
products that are related to that category will appear in the "Product Name"
combo. Upon selecting the correct product, I would like "Product Code",
"Product ID" and "Sell Price" textboxes to be autofilled with the correct
information from that product.

Finally, as each customer often orders a variety of products each time, I
would like to fill in new rows of this datasheet without losing or updating
the information on the preceding rows.

Please help as I am pretty useless at this and have tried unsuccessfully
numerous times.
Thankyou Mike

Arvin Meyer MVP

That cannot be done in a datasheet because the code will effect every row,
not just the active row. What you can do is to use an unbound popup form and
drill down your combos, then move the results to the active row in the

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