Cascading combos in datasheet

Apr 8, 2011
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I have a subform in a form and in this subform I have 2 combos. In 1st combo I select a value and base on this value I want the 2nd combo to refresh the values. As far here works ok. When I select the value of 2nd combo all values in datasheet of that field changes !!! I dont want that !!!

How can I solve that? Is there any way ?

I wrote code in vba here is my code:

Option Compare Database
Const strsql4 = "SELECT Subgame FROM Games WHERE Game = '"
Const strsql3 = "'"

Private Sub Game_Name_AfterUpdate()
gamenameval = Me.Game_Name.Value
strsql5 = strsql4 & gamenameval & strsql3
Me.Subgame.RowSource = strsql5
End Sub

Please notice that the subform want it in datasheet form.

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