Controlling a list box population based on combo boxes



I am working on a form that has a list box in the body and a combo box in the
header. At the moment the list box queries a table to populate itself. I
would like to add the ability to filter the list based on an entry in a combo
box. I am using the query builder in Access 2007 at the moment . I am able
to filter the list box if I have an entry in the combo box, I would also like
to make it so that the criteria does not apply if the combo box is empty.

The expression I am using at the moment is as follows

IIf(IsNull([Forms]![FCSI_WP_Add]![FM])=False,[Forms]![FCSI_WP_Add]![FM],([Availible FCSI's].[Fleet_Management_No])>=0)

FM is the name of my combo box, it is bound to a numerical value

Basically I am trying to find a method by which to make the expression
include all values if the combo box has not value


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