auto populate text box based on combo box value



I would like to set up the following to auto populate the fields below based
on the value I select in the combo box:
Rep field = combo box (LURequestor) with all info included pertaining to the
The combo box row/source type is Table/Query; row source is SELECT
qryReps.FullName, qryReps.[Last Name], qryReps.[First Name],
qryReps.RegionNumber, qryReps.Region, qryReps.Division,
qryReps.[RSM-Director] FROM qryReps ORDER BY qryReps.FullName; & RepID is

Region Number = unbound text box (Column 4)
Region = unbound text box (Column 5)
Manager = unbound text box (Column 7)
Division = unbound text box (Column 6)

I have tried setting up the text boxes with =[LURequestor].[Column](4) in
each unbound text box with the respective column number but the form shows
"#Name?" in the field.

I am using Access 2003. What could I be doing wrong? Any help would be


Daryl S

Yappy -

You need to use the AfterUpdate event of the combo box to populate the other
fields. For the combo box, Column(0) is the first column, so adjust as
needed. The code will look something like this, one line for each unbound
text box (use your control names):

Me.[Region Number] = Me.LURequestor.Column(5)
Me.[Region] = Me.LuRequestor.Column(6)

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