Combo Box, Unbound Text Boxes



I have a form that has a Combo Box for Contractor. The form works alright
filling in the unbound text boxes with the first name, address, city, state,
etc... after the last name is chosen in the combo box (last name =column2,
first name=column 3). When I navigate away from the form, only the last name
shows in the combo box when you return to the form. If I remove the Control
Source, then choose a Contractor, it remains the same Contractor for all
contracts (or records).

This is what I'm using to fill in the text boxes:
Me!Text18 = Me!Combo35.Column(3)

I haven't gone with any descriptive names until I get the form to work.
Please help.
Thank you!

Jeff Boyce

If those unbound textboxes are unbound, that means there's no table storing
those values... and that's as it should be. If you already have the
information stored in the table you are using to feed the combobox, you
really don't need/want to re-store the same information elsewhere.

So it sounds like you're saying that you'd like the form to display those
other pieces of information if there's been a (previous) selection made in
the combobox.

One way to do this would be to put something like the following (untested)
code in the OnCurrent event for the form:

Call Combo35_AfterUpdate

This assumes that you have a procedure in the AfterUpdate event of that
combobox that "loads" the textboxes...

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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Forms do not store data. You have to use bound text boxes to store the
information in a table.

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