Combat Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator 2



I have combat flight simulator WWII europe series, It loads but does not
regonize my wingman extreme. I d/l drivers from logitec but still would not
work with joystick. I checked for updates with microsoft but could not find
any for this program. I do believe I did see some upgrades for combat flight
simulator 3.

Phil Rhodes

Yes, there is a patch for CFS 3.
It says on this page that you MUST use DirectX 9.0
And while your at it, you might run the DirectX diagnostic -
Start/Run/Dxdiag to make sure what version of DirectX you are using and
whether it's working properly.
And lastly, is your joystick a "Wingman Extreme" or a "Wingman Extreme
Digital"? Analog joysticks plug into the 'gameport' (serial port) on your
sound card, whilst a digital joystick plugs into your USB port.
Good luck,
aka USMC_Bumper7 at FighterAce

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