HELP! Flight Simulator X Deluxe Won't Uninstall



For Christmas this year I was given a new PC. I have decided to transfer my
copy of Flight Simulator X Deluxe from my old PC to my new one. I was going
to uninstall it from my old computer but in the Microsoft Games\Flight
Simulator X folder I can see all of the program files but not the uninstall
file. I then checked in the Add or Remove Programs list but Flight Simulator
X is not listed under M or F. I have installed it in my E:\Flight Simulator X
Files\ folder and when I checked in there there was no sign of an uninstall
program. I can still play the game perfectly but I can't get rid of it. I
have software that can remove the files but if I do this then it won't be
thought of as 'un-activated' and I won't be able to install it on my new
computer. My new computer has Windows Vista and my old one uses Windows XP if
it's of any relevance. Please help me!

Dustin Harper

You can still install it on the new computer, and it will activate fine. The
old one doesn't need to be "un-activated". You can delete the folders if you
need to.

Also, if you don't have FSX Accelleration, there is a SP2 patch out for FSX.

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