COM Registration on Remote Server (regsvr32) via msi - GETTING VERY ANNOYING


Sue Murphy


I have created an msi from a VB app with a couple of custom actions to
call "Execute Program from Destination" within Wise for Windows
Installer. Both custom actions call REGSVR32 \\MyServer\MyDll /s with
the condition "IF NOT REMOVE" and then another couple of custom
actions to remove them on uninstall with /u /s and the condition "IF

This quite happily works when the msi is run manually, BUT, when I
have submitted the msi to SMS (V2 SP5) for install, it falls over at
the custom actions.

I have tried several different ways of running these commands - even
resulting in calling a wisescript executing the regsvr32 from within
the msi!

The thing is - am I on the right lines of saying that the local SMS
account that runs the msi cannot access the server where the dll's are
sitting as it is acting as a local account?

Can anyone put me on the right track for solving this scenario, apart
from capturing the registry keys for the regsvr32 command before I put
this in the bin and start again!

Thanks in advance


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