Installing MSDE 2000 from my MSI installer



Hi All,
I'm trying to install MSDE 2000 from my MSI installer. Iam trying to install
MSDE without using the merge modules (since the merge module method it is
not advised to be used). Iam calling the MSDE 2000's setup.exe in the
following way -


I am copying all the installable files of MSDE to the destination location
and then executing this command. The custom action type for this command is

While installation this command starts executing but I do not find any
installation done.

When I run the same command from command prompt it works fine, except for
one thing - even if I'm running the setup with /qn option a dialog flashes
showing the unpacking of files during the installation. Is this Dialog box
is the reason for the incomplete MSDE installtion (when run from the MSI
installer) . If yes then is there anyway by which I can install MSDE by
directly running the MSDE setup EXEs or MSIs in silent mode from my MSI

Please note that I am changing the instance name every time I run my
installer (just to make sure that the installation is not failing because of
same instance name already present).

Please tell me how can I accomplish the MSDE installation from My MSI

Thanks in advance.

Phil Wilson

I don't believe you can do this. The MSDE install is MSI-based - all those
internal SqlRunxx.msi files. You can't have two MSI-based installs running
simultaneously, so the silent MSDE install is probably failing with the
"already an install in progress" error. You'll have to fire it off as a
separate setup outside your MSI file.

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