collect data via email



We're looking for solution to collect intake data from multiple agencies (not
on network), and get into our (currently 2003) Access database.
With 2007, the 'EMail data collect' facility - can that collect and insert
multiple rows with 1 email - or each email/form processes only 1 row..?


You will send a mail asking the user either to update a certain row or add
information to a new record. So in both situations you are tied to single row
Secondly you have two options to choose from. Plain html which will present
the user with a html email with an embedded for where the user has to fill in
the data. Disadvantage for this option.. not editable so you are stuck with
what you get. The second choice is use an InfoPath form, advantage... you can
edit it the way you like and design it the way you like. Disadvantage.. users
need to have infopath to fill in the form send by you..


Mark Andrews

- web based form
- stand alone db you write that each user uses to enter data and it builds
an email (with attachment).

Central db uses db shared with web-based form
Central db reads email and processes using custom code.

something like

Just some thoughts,

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