Collect data from email



When generating an email to collect database input, the email contains a form
with fields that ALL are read-only in spite of not selecting the fields as
read only.

External Data --> Collect data group --> Create E-mail

Does anyone have a solution?

Rusty User

I have the same problem. I'm using Access 2007 on XP. One batch of emails
went out and the form worked fine (recipients could update the data). I sent
a single test email to myself and had the same problem as you (none of the
fields in the form can be updated, even empty fields won't accept data). I
can't find any difference in the way the test email was created versus the
batch that worked. Both times I used the wizard.

Have you found the answer to the problem? Or even any clues?


No I haven't figured it out yet. And I have not been able to make ANY of
these work. Not just the test emails...All the emails sent to others showed
up read-only as well. And by the way, all the fields were empty, even the
ones who should have filled in known data.

Vista .X64 Office 2007.

Thanks for replying. If you figure out more, please let me know.

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