Cluster Failover



Event Type: Error
Event Source: ClusSvc
Event Category: (128)
Event ID: 1073
User: N/A
Computer: XXXXXXlirgbse
Microsoft Clustering Service was halted to prevent an
inconsistency within the cluster. The error code was 5027.




Event ID 1073 Occurs When You Attempt to Move the Quorum Disk
This article was previously published under Q257879
When you attempt to move the group that contains the physical disk that is used for the quorum resource, the operation may fail, and the following event may be logged in the system event log:

Event ID 1073 Source ClusSvc
Microsoft Cluster Server was halted to prevent an inconsistency within the cluster. The error code was 5028.
This error code means that the Cluster service could not mount the quorum log on the disk designated as the quorum disk.
This issue can occur if the device drivers from another program are not compatible with the Cluster service. Third-party filter drivers can prevent the Cluster service from accessing cluster resources. Programs and tools such as antivirus packages, quota software, and defragmentation tools are suspect.
To resolve this issue, remove the third-party driver to verify that this is the cause of the issue, or contact the manufacturer to find out if the program is designed to run on a clustered server.
The information in this article applies to:
a.. Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
b.. Microsoft Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition 4.0

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