Chkdsk Crash



I know this is a common problem, but I'm having trouble with the usual
solution, so I'm asking for help.

Like many people's comp's, when I boot up, Chkdsk automatically
engages to check my C: for 'inconsistencies', and then freezes in
'Stage 2 of 5' at 25%. Thus, the only way to get to windows is to
skip Chkdsk. I know from a previous comp however, that this is an
excellent way to completely corrupt your hard drive.

I've been cruising the message boards looking for a solution, and
everyone seems to suggest running Chkdsk from the cmd prompt in Safe
Mode. Unfortunately, I can't get to safe mode. I can get to the menu
during boot (by pressing F8) which allows me to select Safe Mode, but
upon selection, several command lines run and it eventually freezes on
a file labeled 'Mud.sys'. This is the case for all three options for
Safe Mode (Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, etc..)

I've also tried running disk defragger and Chkdsk from within Windows
itself, but I'm halted every time because the system is already
scheduled to run Chkdsk at the next boot.

I can't run Chkdsk, I can't get into Safe Mode. Any thoughts?



db.·.. >

boot up with any
windows cd and
go into the recovery

once at the disk
prompt run:


then type/enter:


and reboot
without cd.

here is the link that
will help you with
the above.

go to the section
how to use recovery



Andrew E.

chkdsk typed as such in recovery would get you zero results...Its either,
CHKDSK C: /R Or CHKDSK C: /p And yes /p is correct.Typing "enter" is also
a zero cmd.Read kb307654

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