chkdsk and defrag




i have run chkdsk /f chkdsk /r, etc. upon restart and still when i try to
run the defrag, it continues to give me the msg that chkdsk /f is scheduled
to run on next restart...
also, i have run the fsutil query and my volume is 'dirty'...i think i was
hit with a trojan and this is contributing to the problems. does anyone
else have the chkdsk error and is there a win xp patch that i have not found
in my many many hours of websearching?

thank u for any suggestions


Hi db,

How are you running chkdsk /f or chkdsk /r upon restart?

When a chkdsk is scheduled to run automatically and you interfer with
that process, the schedule is never changed.

Reboot the computer, when the chkdsk stops and tells you a chkdsk is
scheduled, allow it to run. Once it runs, the next reboot, should boot into
the operating system without stopping to run chkdsk.

To check to see if you need to run chkdsk before booting into the
operating system, do the following:
Start > Run > type in cmd and click OK > In the Window that opens, type in
only CHKDSK and hit Enter. Chkdsk can only in read-only mode within the
window, when you run in on the operating system partition. Close the Window.

If you want to run it on a next boot, Open My Computer. Right-click on
the Drive you want to run Chkdsk on and click Properties. Once open, click
under Error-checking, Check Now. It opens a Windows. Check both options. Now
click Start then click Yes to schedule. Reboot when ready to run.


The creator,

i ran chkdsk as instructed below from the 'cmd'..msg rec'd: chkdsk
discovered free space marked as allocated in teh volume bitmap, along with
windows found problem with file do I correct these?

thank u for the help :)


the creator,

my comp finally ran the chkdsk / went on for about 4 hrs and when i
chkd on it, i had the screen about windows did not start normally due to
hardware/ gave me options to start in safe mode, last know
config, etc..highlighted was the option to start windows in 'normal
mode'...then it proceeds to tell me that win will start in so many seconds,
the problem: the comp does not respond to the use of the arrow keys and it
cannot boot from cd...i can press the F8 option and get into that menu, but
i think the hdrive died, is there anything i can do?
thank u


Hi db,

If your Hard Drive is failing, then get a new Hard Drive. Do not leave the Hard Drive partitioned with just one partition. Why? Takes forever to run Chkkdsk and to Defrag. The Hard Drive partitions should be no larger than 40 Gigabytes in size.

The only reason to have a large partition is if you have a TV Tuner installed and you want to record to that partition, or you create Movies or Edit Movies.

If your Computer BIOS for your computer, does not have an option to boot from a CD, then consider either building a new computer, or buying a new Modern computer.

Do not leave the old Hard Drive in, as you are installing the operating system on the new Hard Drive. After you install the new Hard Drive and the operating system is up and working, then temporary install the old Hard Drive as a Slave in order to copy your documents off the Hard Drive onto the new Hard Drive.

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