"{" characters appearing in footers




I was working with a 100+ page document, and adjusting the headers/footers
and associated section breaks, when Word added in a "{" character to the
right of the page numbers. This appears on the odd-pages, which are at the
right-side of the footer. The even pages are fine.

Any idea as to how I can get rid of this? If I delete the odd page number,
the character goes away. Also, if I turn on the option to view format
characters, there's a faint box around the character, making it look like
it's in some soft of table cell.





Are you in Word2007? Did you add your page numbers by clicking a
"building block"? One of them, for some reason, gives you the brace as

When you show the Field (Shift-F9), do you see a bracket character
(likely preceded by a backslash) inside the field brackets? If so,
delete that bracket character (and its backslash).

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