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I'm creating an index for a manual that has several chapters. The client
wants the page numbers to display as X-y where "X" is the chapter number and
"y" is the page number within that chapter. The page numbers in the footers
of each page are formatted this way (by using "format page number" and
selecting "include page number"). The index also picks up this X-y format;
for example: "widgets, 3-12" if "widgets" is marked in chapter 3, page 12.

This works MOST of the time. The problem is that the index is picking up the
chapter numbers in most cases but mysteriously drops them (leaving only the
page number within that chapter) in other cases. So I'll wind up with, for
example: "widgets, 3-12, 5-15, 61, 8-3". On page 61 (in the example), the
page number in the page footer is showing with the chapter number, as it
should; same with the preceeding and subsequent pages. So I'm baffled why
it's catching some chapter numbers but dropping others. Updating the index
does not resolve the problem.

I did discover earlier today that some of the chapter numbers had been
dropped in SOME of the page footers (probably because I had to insert a
replacement chapter in a copy-and-paste), but I went through and fixed these.
This corrected a few of the index references, but not all of them. I've tried
deleting the XE marker and re-marking it, but it doesn't fix the problem.

Any ideas? I couldn't find anything like this in a search of this newsgroup
or the Web at large. Thanks in advance for the help!



I'm still hoping someone might be able to help me with this. I'm baffled and
frustrated! Has anyone else ever come across this problem? Thanks.



Okay, seems the experts here are as stumped by this as I am. I'm starting to
find some patterns to this, so I'm hoping it might bring some ideas. It seems
to have something to do with starting a new section on the same page. The XE
markers that occur in the next section don't seem to pick up the chapter
number. When I move the XE fields to the part of the page before the section
change, it works fine (that is, the chapter numbers appear in the index along
with the page numbers).

Is there any way to "remind" Word what the chapter number is when a new
section is created? From what I know about sections, they're a bit of a


Stefan Blom

Apparently, Word gets confused when a new section starts within the page.
You can change the type of section in the Page Setup dialog box, Layout tab.

Also, note that Next page section breaks are recommended in the article at

To display the Page Setup dialog box:

- File | Page Setup. (Word 2003)

- Click the Page Layout tab of the ribbon. In the Page Setup group, click
the dialog box launcher button. (Word 2007)

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

in message


I never use indexes, so I can only guess here. Could it be that in
your example "61" has the same section as the previous entry (5)? In
that case it ONLY shows the section number if it differs from the
previous entry....

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