Outline Numbered Chapter Heading disappears after reopening docume

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St. J. Athenaeum

On the first page of my document I've inserted an Outline Number Chapter
number linked to Heading 1. When I insert it, you can see it in the
document. I also included chapter numbers in the page footer page number. I
can re-do my table of contents (that appears on the first page of the

After I save the document and then re-open it, the Chapter # is gone and the
page numbering no longer contains the chapter number.

Am I doing stuff in the wrong order? I have 8 documents each one
representing a chapter of a long manual. Help!

Stefan Blom

Is the option to "Automatically update document styles" selected in the
Templates and Add-Ins dialog box? If so, turn it off.

To display the dialog box:

- Click Tools | Templates and Add-Ins (Word 97-2003).

- Click the Developer tab | Document Template (Word 2007).

Note that if you are using Word's master document feature, you may want to
reconsider, since it corrupts documents. Creating one big document is
usually easier. Or you can include the documents in a "master" by inserting
them as INCLUDETEXT fields (see

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