Field - page count for each chapter



I would like to insert in the footer field or somewhere else that will allow
counting numbers of pages for each chapter.

For example: my document has 10 chapters, for each chapter I would like to
have an automatic page numbering in the way that says:
Page 1 of 10
Page 2 of 10...

Is this possible in the footer or somewhere on the page!?

Thank you very much!

Stefan Blom

Are you saying that page numbers should restart on each chapter? If so, divide
the document into sections, set the page number to restart (in the Page Number
Format dialog box) for each section.

Then insert the following fields into your footer: { PAGE } of { SECTIONPAGES }.

To insert each pair of field delimiters, { }, you can press Ctrl+F9. Type the
codes as shown. Press F9 to update any field at the insertion point (or in the
selection). Use Alt+F9 to show/hide field codes.

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