Changing folder permissions - Help, please



I have a wireless home network set up in my home. I'm running XP
Professional or Home addition on all computers (3). Everything was working
perfectly until today when I changed my administrator account on the bedroom
computer to include a password.

I was asked if I wanted to make my folders private for other users of this
computer and I clicked on YES. Now, I can't access folders on the bedroom
computer from the other computers on the network. I don't see how to change
the privacy settings back on the folders I want to share on the network.
When I click on Properties/Security & Sharing everything is greyed out with
a checkmark in "Make this folder private".

I removed the password from my account and then added a new one, thinking I
would be asked about the privacy issue again, but I was not.

Can someone tell me how to change back the privacy preference so that I can
access my files from my home network? Also, is it possible to make the
folders on one computer private for other users of that computer but still
have them accessible on the network?

Remove one shoe before emailing:
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HI Dianne,

Check this info:

Networking How-to Resources

Description of File Sharing and Permissions in Windows XP;en-us;304040&Product=winxp

You Cannot Access Shared Files and Folders or Browse Computers in the

Some tips and information:
File sharing

Description of File Sharing and Permissions in Windows XP;en-us;304040&Product=winxp

Good luck, hope this helps.


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