Changing a font size in a document


Martin Hart Turner


Here is my scenario:

I have a Word 2007 file that uses various fonts/font sizes in different
parts of the document. Let's say I use: Times Roman 10 points, Arial 12
points, Arial 10 points and Calibri 11 points.

Is there a way I can say "All Arial 12 points fonts should change to Arial
11 points"? As the blocks of text that use the Arial 12 points are numerous
and sprinkled throughout the document it's not easy to mark each block and
change them one-by-one.



Hi Mark. You could use a Find-Replace. Word lets you find text with a
specific formatting (in this case, Times New Roman and font size 12) and
replace the text with a different formatting (Times New Roman, font size 11).

Graham Mayor

It would be simpler still if you used styles to format your document. Then
you can change the appearance by editing the style.

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