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I want to ask a question about Word 2007 track changes ...

In word 2003 or word 2000, after using track changes, when the user put the
mouse over those changes, a pop-up diaglog box will come up, which shows the
"user name" and "amendment time" only ....

But for Word 2007, the pop-up diaglog box shows "user name", "amendment
time" and all the changed content. Our user thinks that the pop-up diaglog
box showing all the changed content is very annoying.

Is there any way not to show those changed content in the pop-up diaglog box ?

Thanks !!

Jennifer Ho


Agreed that this is a major problem. The popup blocks the text when you're
trying to revise it; earlier versions of Word let you keep track of who made
what changes and alter them accordingly; with this version, you have to keep
switching back and forth between views to see the tracked changes and revise
them. We switched back to 2002 in my office.

Beth Melton

I'm not sure if I understand what you're seeing. I only see the popup if I
hover my mouse over the revision. Are you saying you see it popup as you are
editing? How are you viewing the revisions and which Word view are you
using? For example do you see the revisions in the Markup area (on the left)
in balloons? Are you in Print Layout or Draft view? What do you mean when
you say you need to switch back and forth between views?

Also, in Word 2007 they added the ability to view Tracked Changes inline
when in Print Layout view which is similar to the previous versions. Did you
explore the various viewing options on the Review tab under Show Markup? I
work with a lot of documents that contain tracked changes and have found the
various options that are available are quite flexible -- even more flexible
than previous versions.

~Beth Melton
Microsoft Office MVP

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