CF Card for 24/7 system


Franz Leu


I read a lot about CF cards wearing out very soon when using it on a system
with write access. Therefore, until today I have used CF cards on systems
with activated EWF only.
However, currently Advantech is having a special offer for boxes including
XPe with a license preinstalled on a Apacer Industrial CF Disk (with
What is this groups opinion? Is it save to use this CF disks for a 24/7
system that needs write access to the CF?
I know, it depends on the sum of write accesses. Basically, there are log
files that are written. There is no database or anything alike.

Thanks for your opinions.

Ethan Chen

Hi Franz,

The CF card is industrial grade and can stay longer than consumer grade.
However, CF cards always have lifespan and it would be safer if you can
still enable EWF to reduce the read/write access frequency.

Best Regards,
Ethan Chen
Advantech Co., Ltd.
Microsoft eMVP

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