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Mar 25, 2003
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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 is currently underway in Las Vegas, and virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa seem to be the stars of the show. Here's a round up of some of the interesting products that have been demonstrated so far:

Razer Debuts 'Project Valerie' Triple Display Laptop - Mac Rumours
Razer, known for its gaming laptops and accessories, today unveiled its latest product, the world's first triple display laptop. Project Valerie features a Razer laptop that's equipped with one main display and two fold out side displays, all of which are 4K.

Each display measures in at 17.3 inches, for what Razer says is the most expansive viewing experience in a notebook. Project Valerie is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce 1080 GPU and supports NVIDIA Surround View with a resolution of 11520 x 2160 for an immersive gaming experience.

CES 2017 is all about Amazon Alexa - Pocket Lint
CES 2017 has seen the launch of an unprecedented number of devices that aren't "compatible" with Amazon's Alexa, they're powered by it. There's an important point of distinction to be made here: your thermostat and lights are compatible with Alexa, not powered by it.

The deluge of devices powered by Alexa at CES 2017 confirm one thing: Amazon Alexa isn't a step ahead of its rivals in the battle for smart connectivity, it's a full country mile in the lead.

Xiaomi unveils a TV that's thinner than the iPhone - Engadget
In addition to revealing the highly anticipated white version of its stunning Mi Mix bezelless phone, the Chinese company is showing off a new TV that's insanely thin -- in fact the company says it's slimmer than the Mi Mix and iPhone. At its skinniest point, it's only 4.9mm wide, and the display has barely any bezels, too.

Car-makers choose virtual assistants - BBC News
Nissan and BMW have opted to work with Microsoft to bring Cortana to selected vehicles in the near future.
Ford, however, has struck a deal with Amazon meaning its assistant, Alexa, will feature in some of its cars.
And Hyundai has said it will make its cars partly voice-operable with Google Assistant.

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