Catastrophic Failure


Chris Montgomery

a handful of people around the globe use a fairly
complicated template that I've created. It's about 2Mb,
contains substantial VB code, and is heavily linked from
sheet to sheet. Only one of the groups is having problems
with the file (they're in Hong Kong in case it matters).
On a semi-regular basis (once ever couple months) the file
will crash out of nowhere and give a "Catastrophic
Failure" notice. I need to know why so I can address the
issue. Hours of work have been lost because this error
completely corrupts the file.

The only clue I have is that the team that has been
consistently experiencing this error does one thing none
of the other groups do- they share the file so that
multiple people can input data at a time. Is there a known
problem with sharing that would cause this? Could it have
anything to do with the heavy use of VB, links, checkboxes
etc that I use in the template? Any help would be
thank you,



Jan Karel Pieterse


Sharing workbooks is a thing I advise to shun as much as

Excel is not very reliable when it comes to sharing.

Advise your HongKong client to stop sharing the workbook.


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel TA/MVP

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