Can't start RAS with dial-up


Alex Tsimbler


I have 2 DC (Windows 2000 + SP3) on my network. On one of them I installed
RAS, but I cannot start.

I receive these errors:

An error occurred while trying to start the Routing and Remote Access
service on computername.

and 2 event viewer:

first error: event 20153

The currently configured accounting provider failed to load and initialize
successfully. The authentication server did not respond to authentication
requests in a timely fashion.

Second error: event 7024

The Routing and Remote Access service terminated with service-specific error

Thanks a lot,


Priya Raghavan [MSFT]

While configuring RRAS, did you select Windows Authentication or RADIUS
Authentication ?
The error 930 occurs when you cannot reach the RADIUS Server etc.

You can check the Authentication servers in this way:
Open RRAS UI Console
Right click on the server name -> Properties -> Security

Check the Authentication and Accounting server selected there.

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