Can't send mail



Kan de host SMTP niet vinden. Controleer of u de naam van de server juist
hebt opgegeven.
Onderwerp '---', Account: 'POP3', Server: 'SMTP', Protocol: SMTP, Poort:
25, Beveiligd(SSL): Nee, Socket-fout: 11001, Foutnummer: 0x800CCC0D

Somebody help me please?

Gary VanderMolen

"SMTP" is not a valid mail server name. You get the correct mail server
names from your mail service provider.
Who provides your email service? Or to ask that question another way,
what is the part of your email address after the @ symbol?
Your mail provider will typically have a web page that shows how to
set up an email program. If you need more help, tell us the name of
your email service provider. If you currently don't have an email address,
we can help with that also.

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