Can't schedule my own appointments



Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

We are using outlook 2003 at work with Exchange Server.

One of our users is setup in outlook 2003 - and has assigned delegate access
to his calendar to his assistant - so they can schedule meetings and
appointments on his behalf.

The problem is he is unable to schedule his own meetings and appointments
now. If he goes into his Calendar and clicks new - meeting or new -
appointment --- nothing happens.

My question is - if a user has assigned delegate access to his calendar for
someone to schedule his meetings and appointments does this then prevent HIM
from doing so. If this is the case, it is pretty retarded as he still wants
the ability to schedule some of his own appointments and meetings.

Anybody have any ideas of what can be done - so he can still grant delegate
access to his assistant to manage his meetings and appointments YET still
have the ability to schedule his own when he chooses to?

I have been unable to find any information regarding this problem anywhere.



Can you tell me if you ever resolved this issue. I have someone with the same
problem but I checked his account, he does not have any delegates

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