can't revert back to 07 from 10, or even get 07 reinstalled



I guess I never learn. I tested Outlook 2010, having installed Office
2010 beta and indicating that I wanted to leave all prior Office
programs available, and ran into multiple already documented problems
such as send/receive lock ups, multiple copies of emails, etc. So I
removed Office 2010, including Outlook 2010, and then found that
Outlook 2007 was missing, so I reinstalled it from my original Office
2007 disk. It is now on my system. However, here's what happens when
I try to start it:
1) I get the error message that "Either there is no default emai
client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging
request. Please run Outllok and set is as teh default mail client."
Well, since I can't run Outlook, how the hell am I supposed to run it
to set it? So I hit the OK button because there is nothing else to
do. Then,
2) I get another error message that states "The mail profile "Outlook"
was created with a newer version of Outlook and might contain
information that is not compatiable with your current Outlook
version. If you experience problems with this profile you can create
a new profile. In Windows Control Panel, open Mail, then click Show
Profiles, then click Add." So I click OK so that I can go check that
out but after clicking OK,
3) I get another error message that states "Cannot open your default
email folders. An unexpected error has occurred. MAPI was unable to
load the information service mspst.dll. Be sure the service is
correctly installed and configured." What this means, I do not know.
I click OK and Outlook fully closes.
Next step, I go to the Windows Control Panel and open Mail. My
Outlook profile is in there with all my mail accounts and data files
but since 07 doesn't like that, I add a new one.
I successfully set up an email account under the new profile but am
unable to add my existing Outlook.pst file as a data file, nor can I
just make up a new one, so I am stuck here because even with using the
new profile I created I cannot open Outlook 07 without there being a
data file.
So, I have at least two problems:
1) if I am having to start over, how do I create a new data file or,
better yet, use my old one;
2) I really need to keep all my old settings and ALL my old email, so
I really want to revert to where I was. How do I do this. I'm
multiple hours into this and continue to dream about getting a MAC.




So when you create a new Profile (not copied old) what happens when you try
to add a new data file, is the option not available?


Correct. When I browse I see the old one and it won't accept it; when
I type in a new name to start a new one it doesn't allow it either.

Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook]

Correct. When I browse I see the old one and it won't accept it; when
I type in a new name to start a new one it doesn't allow it either.

Define "doesn't allow." Exact error text, please.




I had the exact same problems and fixed it.

First things first, your Number 3) as once that is fixed, you can at least
run Outlook.

I solved it by reinstalling Outlook, and choosing some of the options that
were Red X'd out. (Something like mapi services, etc.)

Hmm, since it is totally confusing, I just fired up the install for Office
off the DVD to check it out:

Do the Add/Remove programs,

expand the Microsoft Office Outlook section, and under Outlook Messaging
Components expand those and expand the Outlook Mapi Service Providers, then
get rid of the X's. (Click on the little drop down arrow, and choose Run from
my Computer.)

Hell, I just got rid of all the red X's just in case, but I assume the only
ones you need are the above.

I HATE the install program. I really don't think they could have made it
more confusing if they tried.

As to "The mail profile "Outlook" ... problem, I have not been able to
figure it out, and am reluctant to delete the profile and redo the account
settings. I know I can not copy the profile and use it without the error, and
if I remember correctly, even trying to do a new profile gives me a similar
error. I am just clicking OK and getting used to it.

Good luck.

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