Can't play pogo behind firewall



I have already downloaded the latest Java program.

The error message pops up in pogo that says cannot connect to the server:

The following error has occurred:
Unable to Connect to Server
In order to play, the Java applet must open a network connection to our
servers. The applet was unable to open this connection. This could occur if
you are trying to connect through your company's firewall. Other things that
might cause this error are that our servers may be temporarily down or that
one of our other systems is currently unavailable. This problem might also be
caused by Internet connectivity problems.

How to Fix the Problem:
There may be the possibility that one or more of our servers are not
running. We typically try to keep the server downtime for maintenance and
upgrades to under 15 minutes, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you don't think that it's a server issue, then there are several things
that could have gone wrong:

The server just started up and is still initializing.
Try playing the game again to see if you are able to connect.

There is a network problem that is preventing you from reaching the game
If you know how to use traceroute, you can try to find where the problem in
the network is. Otherwise, you should try to play again later. Sometimes,
major routing points have glitches in their systems that cause intermittent
outages. If the problem persists for 24 hours, you should contact your
network administrator or ISP for support.

You are located behind a firewall or proxy server.
If you are located behind a firewall or proxy server, you will not be able
to play the game. The firewall/proxy is preventing the applet from connecting
with the server (that is what the firewall is designed to do). This is
typically what happens if you try to play from work. All you can do in this
case is to play the game from an account that is not behind the firewall (for
example, a home account instead of a work account).

I have gone to pogo for help and it says:

Why can't I play behind a proxy or firewall server?

Pogo does not officially support connections through firewalls, routers,
or proxy servers. Also, please note that wireless Internet always has
wireless routing, which can potentially block Pogo.

There are some things you can do to improve your ability to connect to Pogo
if you do have a router or firewall. There is a fairly simple solution which
most firewall packages support. If you allow access via our class C licenses,
you will then be able to access the games and everything should work fine.
Your firewall will probably require some IP addresses for this, and here are
the IP addresses you need:
If you need help setting up your firewall as outlined above, please consult
your system administrator or the documentation on your firewall software.
We're not firewall experts, so your firewall documentation or system admin
are your best bets for getting help on setting this up.

We constantly change which ports we use, so we don't offer port numbers as a
solution for firewall and proxy access problems. We know that some people are
used to using to punch holes in their firewalls, but the above solution is
more secure and is supported by most firewalls on the market. Please note
that we are unable to provide Port information to you.

I tried adding the address to okay websites to security access. I
tried adding it to the popups okay list. Nothing has helped. I don't know how
to open a port. So I hope this is enough information.


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