Windows Firewall will not start in Windows Vista



I had the same problem: service wouldn't start and all kinda errors.
It happened right after my machine joined the domain that have XP and
2003 servers. Figured it had to be the group policy already running on
the domain.
You most likely have Windows Firewall policy running on your domain or
your workgroup.

Vista Firewall policy is configured in computer configuration\windows
settings\window firewall with advance ....
XP and 2003 server Firewall policy is configures in administrative
templates\network\network connections\windows firewall ....

Here is how I make it works .... create another OU for all my Vista
set all my firewall policy to default (not configured) under
administrative templates\network\network connections\windows
firewall ....
re-configure my firewall policy in computer configuration\windows
settings\window firewall with advance ...

Hope this help!



Why don't you (OP) run gpresult first to see whether there is a firewall
policy blocking it. From an elevated command prompt run:
gpresult -z
And look for anything firewall related.

The error messages may also be useful.

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