Question baout Vista Ultimate Firewall



I use Webroot AnitVirus with SpySweeper with with all the settings "on" and
has worked well so far, I believe, , but then my Windows Firewall is not
"ON" unless I set it on every time manually after I start Windows. All the
other settings from Windows Security are already on automatically after
startup except for the Firewall, that I have to turn on manually (I have to
click the radio button on manually). I have noticed that Everything works
well after I turn the Windows Firewall On manually, so I don't see why it
should not be ON all the time for extra protection (do you all agree?).

The thing is, I don't know how to set my Vista Ultimate so my Firewall is ON
all the time by default.

After I start the computer, the red Windows security icon appears on the
lower right hand corner tray, and I have to open it and turn the Firewall
On. I wonder if there is a way so my Firewall will be ON already all the
time by default without me having to set it.

Is there a way?

Please advise.

Richard Urban

Does not Webroot have it's own firewall??

If so, it is turning off the Vista firewall because it is not good practice
to be running two concurrent firewalls. It will likely slow down your
on-line experience.

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