Can't paste a picture into Excel



For a particular spreadsheet, when I try and paste a picture into it I get
the following message "Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data". It reappears
immediately again after I click OK. I've tried inserting the picture in all
different object types (using Paste Special) and none seem to work. I've also
tried using File Insert but to no avail.

Can someone help me figure out why I can't paste a picture into this

- Atreides

Further Notes:
- I am using Excel 2003 (SP3)
- Neither the sheet nor the workbook are protected
- I'm in Normal View (not Page Break Preview view)
- I haven't got a group of sheets selected.


Hi Gary''s Student

Good question, but I tried a few ways:

- Firstly, copying the picture (a logo) from another spreadsheet.
- When this didn't work, I saved the picture in a variety of formats (jpg,
gif...) and tried to copy it in this way.
- Using Insert Picture from File fails to do anything and gives no error

The workaround I've since used was to create a new spreadsheet and copy over
alll the data from each sheet into this new spreadsheet. I can paste the
picture into this (or any) new spreadsheet. I still can't copy any pictures
into the old spreadsheet, so it must be something restrictive behind the
scenes with that one.

Also the workbook/sheet wasn't protected so that wasn't it (anyway trying to
copy a picture into a protected workbook/sheet gives a specific error) so
it's still a bit mystifying.

So there's no longer any urgency to have this answered, but it would be nice
to know for if it happens again.

Jan 5, 2022
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I just had this happen to me. We had been entering ASCII code ATL 26 and accidentally used the numbers across the top of the keyboard instead of the number pad to the right. I simultaneously pressed ALT+2+6 again and it worked. I have no idea what I did but the problem was solved.

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