Can't open Movie Maker


Bill McN


Running WinXP, SP2, IE6 which also has sp2.

Only recently started using the app. Made a film without any problems.
Accidently imported a film which movie maker could not open/import as a
project and now the application won't open at all.

There is no error code visible, it just starts then closes within 1 sec.
I;ve tried opening a film with movie maker but the following error code comes
Is not a valid windows movie maker project file to import picture, and or
video fit to use in your picture, open the file menu, select import into

Only option is to click Yes which closes the application.

Tried reinstalling latest ver of mmaker but same issue.

Looked at the event viewer for app's and no error exists

Any idea?

Graham Hughes

How did you reinstall movie maker?
Can you remove the file that caused the problem with MM and then see if MM
will open.

Bill McN

Hi Graham,

Tried deleting the file but no change. Started looking through all the
regedit, and decided there was a dat file created using MMaker, and renamed
it. Hey presto it opened correctly. File name was MEDIATAB0.DAT found in
the Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\ folder under user name.
Thanks for your help anyway.


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