Can't login into computer, can't get out of Safe Mode



Yesterday my Symantec Antivirus software informed me that I had a Trojan
horse. There wer isntructions on how to remove, which I followed. 1. Turn
off System Restore, Go to CMD prompt, type msconfig, go to boot.ini, change
boot to boot in Safe Mode, restart computer. This is where I ran into a
problem. When I rebooted in safe mode, I usually get a CNTRL, ALT, DLT
screen where I need to enter username and password. I entered mine and I get
an error, I can't get in now. Also tried changing username to
"administrator" leaving password blank. Still can't get in. Also can't boot
in normal mode. Attempted to by hitting F8 on start up. Will not start in
Noraml mode. Will not start in last know good config, etc. Can't get out of
Safe Mode. Need help Please.

Vinod Chandramouli

Hi there,
That's a very bad situation. When you change the boot.ini file and
point it to safemode, you really cannot start in normal mode until you
go and change it back. i understand that you cannot get into safemode

Try this.

When you get that ctrl + Alt + Del screen in safemode, Press and hold
Ctrl + Alt and hit Del twice. This should get you the user account
screen where you will see your accound and the administrator account.
now try clicking on administrator and see whether that helps you get
into the desktop.

You might also want to keep your windows xp cd handy because if this
does not work out, you are gonna need the cd to get into recovery


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