Can't log on to Ebay or post to Forums



For some reason, I am unable to either post messages to
certain website forums, or log on to Ebay to view my
account, etc. When I attempt to do so, it hangs and
ultimately comes back and says "can't find server". I
can still browse most other websites fine, but run into
snags when I actually have to log in to a site.

This has happened to me many times in the past, with
previous versions of Windows also. I delete my cookies
and temp files to no avail.

To fix the problem historically, I usually have to wipe
my hard drive clean and reinstall everything. Then it
will work for one or two posts to a forum, then fall into
the same trap. So I don't think my firewall is to blame,
as it will work for a couple of posts before this
behavior starts up again. I always run the latest
antivirus and Windows updates.

Any idea what in the world is going on here?

chris c.

i have the same issue...i try to get onto ebay and it
completely hangs and must be terminated. ad-aware and
spybot didnt find anything, and norton AV didnt either.
what is this im going the reformat route soon too if i
dont get this fixed.

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