Signing into MS Forums using IE 6



Each time I sign into a MS forum using IE6 I get the first page and when I go
to another page I'm asked to sign in again. It happens at every new page. I
have enabled cookies, pop-up, etc. but nothing seems to help. I have a
"Passport" log-in but it has NEVER worked.

There is no place on the MS forums for any help as far as I've been able to
determine. I use another browser to read the forum as IE has to have everyone
have access to my pc just to read the forums.

Is there a setting in IE6 I can change to stop this log-in problem?

Rob ^_^

Hi Joe,

There have been big changes made to Passport and Live/Hotmail login in
recent weeks as they rebrand it to the Live brand.
Since it has NEVER worked, I suggest that you abandon the existing passport
account and create a new one from scratch.



Yes Joe. Rob is right. Go for a passport that is simple like your Business
name if you have one, so you don't have to try to remember it all the time,
especially if you are used to the older one. Make sure your password is easy
to remember for YOU, but secure and hard to guess for outsiders. I used to
have this same issue long time ago, and that is what I did to rectify things.

If I remember right, when I tried to get a new passort, it wanted an email
to link it to. Don't use the one you are having trouble with or it won't
work. It will say a passport already exists for that email account. If you
don't have another one, just get one for free at and
sign up there. Hope our advice was helpful! Good luck!

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