can't import video into movie maker




I have video clips in my documents that I would like to import into movie
maker. When I hit import and go to the file where my videos are, they don't
appear therefore I can't import them. I've changed the default to play in
windows media player. The videos were recorded with a digital camera (Kodak
Easyshare) and then put on my computer. Can someone help me. My operating
system is vista.


Joh/Paula -- Thanks for posting all the possible solutions to Paula's
problem (mine as well). However, I should warn that using the free online
"media converter" will create water-marked cideos with the water-marked ID of
" THIS IS A PORNO SITE. I do not know if someone has hacked into
media converter or whether this was intended at that site, nonetheless, this
is fair warning to anyone who uses Media Converter.

It's sad too, because the converter seems to work well for me, though I have
not been able to get the sound to come up. I'm going to do a little more
checking for free converters and if I find nothing available, I'll go to a
commercial product.

Len Taliaferro


John -- Thanks for the response.

I followed your instructions to the letter EXCEPT for the download part.
Somehow, I missed the download button so after I converted my files I went
back to my originals and changed the file extensions tfrom MOV to AVI and the
videos came up with the watermark.

Obviously something is amiss...probably set up for idiots like me who can't
follow simple instructions. Nonetheless, I got the RAD tools and converted
all 36 clips with no further incidents. They're now loaded into MM and I
will be moving forward with building my little vacation movie.

I did think it a bit odd that the files were not converted with the AVI
extension in place on the converted files but I didn't think to go back and
look for a download button.

I've run my multiple virus protection programs and have found no problems
there so I really can't figure out why those watermarks would appear. I would
think that if the files had not been converted I would not have gotten an
image at all but in reading so much stuff about converting files I understand
that both AVI and MOV extensions are only shells for multiple types of files.
I have not tried simply changing an unconverted file's extension tofrom MOV
to AVI. I think I'll try to do this next and see what I come up with.

I truly appreciate all the information you provide both here and on your
website. It has been most helpful as I get into this video stuff.

Thanks very much for what you do



the codec used for compression can add a watermark... it doesn't need to
come from the software using the codec.

For example, a Canopus DV codec won't add a watermark when used by Canopus
software, but when used by something like VirtualDub, the name Canopus will
be a big bolder watermark on any file created with it.

lental my age I should well know not to assume anything. Unfortunately,
as you suspected, I thought you were Papajohn, who also responded here. In
any case, I appreciate your comments here and all of the info that papajohn
provides at well. Thanks very much!!!


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