I recently had to reinstall my operating system (Vista) and all programs
including Movie Maker. I restored movie clips originally imported from my
digital video cam have no audio. They worked fine before the reinstall, but
now have no sound. I imported new clips from the camera using ImageMixer3.
When I play them with Movie Maker, the video is OK but again so sound.
According to the manual for the camera, audio is recorded in MPEG audio layer
2, linear PCM, Dolby Digital.


The Vista Home Premium and Ultimate versions include a Microsoft MPEG2
decoder... other versions don't.

Movie Maker typically doesn't work well with MPEG2 files and conversion to
other files is recommened before using them in a project.

If your were successfully using them before, it would be that your system
included an MPEG2 codec added by the computer manufacturer or installing
another softwware app.

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