Can't email my Contacts



Outlook 2003. Have 600+ entry Contacts folder imported thru severa
steps from Netscape 4.7. Tried scanpst and Search & Recover 2.

Email addresses are visible in Contacts listing, but disappear whe
viewed as address book or exported.

When I open a contact/All Fields/All Contact Fields, Email and Emai
Selected have a value, but "Email Display As" is blank. On th
General tab, if I hover over the Email field, a small graphic of
person appears, resembling a Messenger icon. Double clicking th
field brings up the "Email Properties" dialog... which shows an emai
address in the Display Name and Email Address fields. If I un-gra
the OK button by clicking "Custom Type" twice, and then click OK
we're fine. Moving the cursor to Display As field shows the prope
entry, and if I save the contact it works nicely (though haven'
tried ones with several email addresses yet)

Is there any alternative to doing this manually for 600 contacts?
Been experimenting with VBA, which displays Email1Address nicely bu
only AFTER it's been hand-fixed as above. Can't find wher
ContactItem is hiding the addresses before the fix. Also haven'
found how to get to the Email Properties dialog from VBA, and I don'
know how to use Outlook's macro recorder (is there one?) to automat
my manual fix process

I would really appreciate your thoughts


P.S. Feel free to move this post to "programming" if that's a bette
fit. Thanks

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Might it not be easier just to redo your import and map the fields correctly
this time?


Russ, thanks. The contacts had been edited after import, but redoin
the edits is easier. Address Magic (latest) converted cleanly t
OE....which sends more reliably through my ISP's creaky SMTP serve

Writing my post also made me realize that an external macro progra
could have automated the fix

Still, I'm an Outlook newbie, but why would MS build a dat
structure/write code that can behave this way? Be interesting t
knew where it's storing the visible-but-useless addresses and how t
retrieve them, no


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

You lost me.
OE and Address Magic are new variables into this equation that I cannot
Clarify the question here.

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