Outlook 2007 has messed up the email addresses for a lot of my contacts

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I am using Outlook 2007 -- for some reason in quite a few of my contacts the email addresses are messed up... instead of showing as a normal email address it says the email address SMTP and then the email address again and it's all hyperlinked in one line so outlook thinks that's really the email address, all together... It's all in the one field for the email address... Idid start going through and fix it for a few of the contacts, that's when I noticed it was messed up for a lot of them (several hundred)... I am guessing that happened when I imported my contacts from another program but I don't know for sure... Does anyone have any ideas what happened and more importantly what I can do to fix them? I mean other than spending a day going through all of them manually? I have thousands of contacts... :0

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