Can't delete a folder on my desktop



I have a folder on my desktop that has nothing in it, and I don't want it
there, I want to delete it. When I try to delete it I receive this message:
"Cannont delete file: cannot read from the source file or disk." This all
started when I tried to copy files into a folder, and it started acting
really funny and create multiple folders. I managed to delete everything I
didn't want except this one. Any clue how to get rid of this?



Sigmundur Jonsson

Ted said:
Try deleting it from Safe Mode.
I agree, but if that does not work, try the safe mode + command prompt
(start- run - type cmd [ENTER]- cd.., cd.., cd.. "Documents and
Settings" - cd desktop - del file.extension


I tried deleting it in safe mode, and safe mode with command prompt, but
neither would let me. When I tried to delete in command prompt, I could see
it under the directory, but when I typed in del file it said file could not
be found. When I tried to view the file directory it said file could not be
found. Not sure what to do here. Please help.



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