Cant connect to Exchange server



Windows 2000 SP4 Outlook 2003 fully patched

I have two systems running Outlook, both connect to a private network
via Cisco VPN client software. Machine A is part of my employer's
domain. Machine B is part of my local workgroup.

This week I fired up Outlook on machine B and discovered that it could
not connect to the Echange server. The last time I did this
(according the Outlook's Inbox) was Jan 4.

When using Outlook on machine B via the VPN I used to get propmpted
for my credentials (username, password, domain). Now I do not get
prompted for my credentials.

Outlook's status bar shows "Loading" then immediately "All folders up
to date". The right side shows "Disconnected". Outlook exhibits this
same behavior when the VPN connection is not active.

When trying "Send/Receive" Outlook immediately shows the error "The
server is not available" code 0x8004011D (again same behavior when VPN
is not connected).

When connected to the VPN my Exchange server name does resolve to an
IP and I can ping the IP through the VPN.

I have tried changing some of Outlook's properties such as "always
prompt for username/password" (still never get prompted) as well as
password authentication scheme.

I do not have any problems using Outlook via the VPN on machine A.
Other employees that have machines not on the domain report that they
can connect to Exchange.


Found the solution after much searching:



In all cases where this problem was occuring, I verified and found
that either 1) the key was missing or 2) it was incorrect.

The correct entries are as follows for ClientProtocols:
ncacn_http REG_SZ rpcrt4.dll
ncacn_ip_tcp REG_SZ rpcrt4.dll
ncacn_nb_tcp REG_SZ rpcrt4.dll
ncacn_np REG_SZ rpcrt4.dll
ncacn_ip_udp REG_SZ rpcrt4.dll

You might also want to verify and tweak (not as touchy as it was under
Windows Messaging and all that nonsense years ago) the values and
order of the rpc bindings under:


Rpc_Binding_Order REG_SZ

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