0x8004011D when connecting to Exchange by SSL VPN



I am running Outlook 2003 SP1 on Windows XP SP2.
We are running Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2003.
When I am logged on at work, Outlook connects to Exchange without problems.

BUT: When my PC is connected to the same network by SSL VPN (Citrix Access
Gateway) from the outside, Outlook tries to connect, but gives up and stays
disconnected; when it's trying to send and fetch mail, I get the 0x8004011D
error message that Exchange is not available. Automatic or manual logon to
Exchange makes no difference.

This was not a problem initially. For a long time I could connect to
Exchange by the same SSL VPN, but then - some weeks ago - the problem arose.

I can ping the server where Exchange resides. I can map to and operate on
the file areas of the same server, and connect to the server by remote
desktop. I can connect to Exchange by OWA without problems.

Any suggestions how to limit the range of possible solutions?


A little confused: Is the Outlook w/error message "inside" citrix or
"outside"(and just piggy-backing the connection).

If the former, it sounds like something was changed between your citrix
server and your mail server- it might now be set 'not to route' connections
(vpnish issue) -though it would seem that should stop a ping. Also, someone
might have changed security settings on one of the servers or moved it to a
dmz or somesuch.

There's also a ports and firewalls issues. What are your results with OWA
once you've connected your ssl vpn?

Just casting about...


The error message arises when trying to reach Exchange through the SSL VPN
connection. This worked before, but not now.

The Citrix SSL VPN connection is general, in that Outlook, Windows Explorer,
ping and Remote Desktop shares the same secure connection.

When logged on with Citrix Secure Access I am actually able to choose
between a connection "within or outside" the VPN, using either the published
URL for OWA or connecting to OWA using http://myinternalserver/exchange.

Seems like only Outlook has got a problem utilizing the VPN connection. What
ports does Outlook depend on that differs from the other mentioned?

As far as I know (and I am the one who should know) no server has been
moved, or firewall settings been changed, but there might be other changes in
policy objects or downloaded updates that might be of importance.

Does this clear the sight in any way?



Problem solved.

Silly me. I have access to two different logon identities for the Citrix
Access Gateway, and they had different application policies - I just found

Now I have adjusted the application policy for the one that could not access
Exchange - and it connects just fine.

Sorry for taking up your time & space.

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