Cant access My Documents on drive D



Hi all,
My power supply blew up and took the mother board with it so I have had to
have a new mother board. Windows XP wouldn't load from the C drive so I
installed another drive and renamed the old drive 'D' so that my data was
preserved. Loaded XP onto new C drive and all works OK except I now cannot
acces the My Documents folder which idsnow on the D drive - I gt the dialogue
box message - not accessible. Access is denied. Note that I have
set up my profile on the new drive exactly the same as previously, i.e. same
username and password.
Anyone got any ideas? and thanks in anticipation.

Andrew E.

Try run,type:diskmgmt.msc In msc, on D: drive,go to actions,all,
select "make active",close out.At worse,enter xp in safe mode,enter as the
"administrator",follow above.

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