Cannot Riprep WinXP



I can RIS an Image to a machine. I make my changes to that
machine and start RIPREP to put my NEW image on the RIS
Server. It copies all the files fine, but then when it
wants to update (last point before rebooting) an error
pops up - Network connection lost. It does
the same with the following files as well: NTDETECT.COM,
NTLDR and RISTNDRD.SIF. When I look on my server, all the
files have been copied into the \i386\mirror1\userdata
folder, but the image is not "complete" and therefore does
not show up in the CIW.

I have a Win2000 Server SP3, the RIS image is WinXP SP1.

One other problem: When I RIS an XP image and then I move
the new client into an OU that I created with a Group
Policy, the XP client does not apply the "Computer
Policies". When I do a GPRESULT it tells me that Computer
Policy is not applicable. Any ideas on that as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael McCartney [MSFT]

Please add the following entry to the ristndrd.sif of your cd-based image
then try again:

Not really good with group policies. Try posting the group policy question
to the Directory Services group.

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