cannot log in my hotmail account



Processor type:is a labtop compaq mobile intel(R) pentium
(R)Evo N800v
speed:4 -M cpu 2.00GHZ
ram:256 mb of ram
operating system:windows xp proffessional version 2002
On this tab it doesn't say using a 32 bit file system
i'm using the internet explorer version:6.0.2600.0
i'm putting the hotmail address in the address bar ( <> ) and the hotmail page opens
i put next my sign in name and password it directly goes to another
which is(the page cannot be displayed......)not just my
name and
,i've tried to log on different accounts but still the
i'm trying to log
on the msn messenger it gives me this alert:we were unable to sign you
in the .net messenger service ,possibly because of a problem with your
internet connection,please try again later.
I CONTACTED HOTMAIL they told me nothin's wrong with my
account .i
contacted the isp here in dubai they told me nothing's
wrong with
hotmail i
should check my pc .i tried to log on from another pc i
managed to check
account .so the problem is in my pc .
that's everything in details i hope you can help me
because this
is very important to me i have inside all the information
i need .




Hope this assists:-

In Internet Explorer -
1. Tools > Internet Options > Advanced
2. Scroll down to the Security Settings.
3. Make sure that the two boxes are checked that say
"Enable SSL 2" or "Enable SSL 3".
Try your secure sites.

Another thing you can try is:

Go to start/run
Type in: regsvr32 softpub.dll
Page Cannot Be Displayed Error During SSL 3.0 Server Session Timeout
Troubleshoot Situations Where You Cannot Complete MSN Sign-up pr Connect to
SSL Secured (128-Bit) Web Sites by Using Internet Explorer in Windows XP;en-us;813951
You Cannot Access Your MSN E-mail Account or Authenticate with a Web Site in
Various Programs;en-us;303807
"The Page Cannot Be Displayed" Error Message When You Try to View Web Page
on a Secure Web Site

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